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Living mindfully with pain: promoting flexibility in life through YOGA and ACT

Presenters: Polly Bongiorno & Mat Richardson

About this event

Acute pain tends to come and go, what happens when pain persists? Some people learn to live well with pain, but many get stuck in a cycle of avoidance, slowly losing contact with what they value in life, becoming more inflexible with their interactions with the world and their sense of self is lost and pain becomes their life. In essence they are losing flexibility in life, and the person they once knew is lost. When people can’t enter the biomedical pathway of diagnosis, treatment, resolution, what next how do we move them forward?

This workshop will be exploring how to increase the flexibility in life, so people can handle the challenges of life, while doing what matters and becoming the person they want to be, in spite of their pain. Polly and Mat will explore a range of interventions to cultivate changes in relationships to the person to pain, life and how the interact with the world. The first part of the day Mat will explore building stronger relationships with the person in pain, mindfulness, Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT), educational strategies and movement strategies. The second half of the day will be Polly exploring pain and what it means to the person, mindful movement and how yoga can be used as a vehicle to facilitate change.


This interactive workshop will cultivate skills around psychological informed practice, scope of practice and challenge what you think you know? On your journey of becoming less wrong.

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