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The term Sciatica is broad term defined as pain along the distrubution of the Sciatic nerve. The diverse group of pain conditions, we can help you on your journey to better health with both acute and chronic Sciatic conditions.  Like all pain conditions, Sciatica is emergent in nature, meaning many different contributors into interacting together. At Tecoma Myotherapy we can explore lifestyle and daily habits that can bring you closer to having Sciatica like advice around better quality of sleep, exercise, coping strategies for stress, exercise and dietry advice.  Treatment in the clinic can be helping you make sense of where why you hurt and while working on the lifestyle and contributing factors to your sciatica.  Treatment in clinic can desensitize the lower back and nerve pathway and can allow you to live life more comforatbly while working on the other contributing factors.


Click here on a short video about sensitivity through the tripple peaks model

Click here for a short video on Mat’s protectomter about a pain experience he had 10 years ago


Bilby in the Bath

Adaption of Bilby in the Bath, Butler & Mosley, Noigroup Publications, 2015, Orginal illustrator David Blaiklock

In the clinic you will see a painting of the Bilby in the Bath, why you ask?  I have this in the clinic to start shifitng my patients from linear thinking of pain to a more emergent way of thinking, example i bent over to pick up my wallet now I have sciatica to one of looking at the different lifestyle factors, stressors and anything that is putting you on alert in your life that can drive an increase in sensitivty and then the picking up the wallet is the straw that broke the camels back.

Lets explain the Bilby: lets imagine when this bathtub over flows protective outputs of the body like pain and headaches may be produced. Alot of the time we blame the last little thing for triggering off your sciatica, but when we look in the bath we will see there are much larger and bigger dangers that are filling up the bath and brining closer to the edge of overflowing.  So, when we undernstand pain we might start blaming that little bilby a littble bit less and started exploring these larger and greater dangers that are filling up the bath.  This image is a copy is an adaption of image out of the Butler & Moseley, Protectometer: the Explain Pain Handbook, Noigroup Publications, 2015. Originall illustration David Blaiklock and adaption by Evie Pape with permission of Noigroup Publications.